The Spice Island

After a relaxing night on the edge of the former capital of Tanzania, Dar-Es-Saalam, we continued the next morning on a ferry to Zanzibar. The island off the coast of Tanzania has a checkered history. For a long time ruled by sultans, Zanzibar was the basis for the East-African slave trade, then evolved into a spice island under British rule, and is now a popular destination for domestic and foreign tourists.


Our first night we spent in the former capital of Stone Town. But before we could explore the narrow streets of the city, we went on a spice tour. On a former spice plantation, we could see, smell and taste all the exotic spices that seem so common to us nowadays.


In the evening we went with the whole group on the night markets where seafood in all variations awaited us. Especially delicious freshly squeezed sugar-cane-ginger-lime drink was a bliss. The next day we went on a tour of the city. In particular, the ornate wooden doors were a beautiful sight. In addition, we bought our first major African souvenir, an oil painting.
Then it was finally time for the deserved beach vacation. And what a beach we had! White soft sand and crystal clear, azure blue waters. Heavenly! To do something to pass the time, we went on a snorkeling trip on which Franka showed almost Divemaster qualities in fish-spotting. The next time we need an underwater camera, nevertheless!


Of course we did not forget our cache statistics and Franka now also got a FTF (First To Find) to show! A delicious meal concluded our, unfortunately too short, stay on this paradise island. At this point in the trip we had to say goodbye to some of our fond travel companions as well as to our tour guide Kanyo. But new faces came and on we went with our yellow truck on further expeditions.