White desert and colorful lakes

As a conclusion of our stay in grandiose Bolivia we had saved up a highlight: the Salar Uyuni salt desert. Immediately after our 24-hour bus tour from the Amazon basin, we got into the next night bus to Uyuni. We arrived there, quite tired, in the morning, and went straight into a travel agency to begin our three-day jeep tour. Once again we were really lucky with our travel companions and on we went into a strange white world. On the way to the salt flats we stopped at an amazing train cemetery.


After a quick lunch at an inn built of salt we drove into the vastness of the desert. The first stop was an “island” with hundreds of cacti, sometimes over a thousand years old.


Later we had a long photo shoot. Due to the lack of reference the vast salt desert offered a unique opportunity for many funny pictures.


When we ran out of photo ideas and our driver started to get pissed off, we drove to our salt-hostel for the night, where we played funny card games and laughed and chatted deep into the night.
The next morning we could not find our driver. Finally we went to the snoring sounds behind the bar and there he was 🙂 When we got him awake, he drove us to new bizarre landscapes and rock formations and beautiful salt lakes, where hundreds of pink flamingos roamed. During our trip through the desert, we were also able to observe some huge sand vortex and were amazed in how many different colors the landscape presented itself to us again and again.



The third day started with a trip to hot geysers and we took a bath in a hot spring. A nice glass of beer included …


Finally we went to one last lake, which amazed us with its turquoise blue, mirror-still water and then we went on over the nearby Chilean border to San Pedro de Atacama.