After three months of separation we finally embraced each other again in Los Angeles, from where we went on to a three-week road trip through the Southwest of the U.S. In the first week of our 4000 km long tour, we explored the beautiful Joshua Tree National Park, looked stunned in a thousand meters deep Grand Canyon, hiked up in a river bed at Zion National Park and relaxed and enjoyed a two-nights-stay in the gambling paradise Las Vegas.
Then we went back to the nature of the Sierra Nevada. We marveled at the crystal clear mountain lakes at Mammoth, wandered through bizarre limestone forests on the banks of the salty Monolake and fought with bears and rattlesnakes in the wilderness of the Yosemite National Park. There we wandered among the giant sequoia redwood trees, listening to the sound of the mighty waterfalls and admired the climbers on El Capitan.
In our last week, we marveled at a fantastic fireworks display on Independence Day in the colorful city of San Francisco. Then we drove on the coastal Highway Number One back in the direction of LA, along the seals and elephant seals populated coast. In Los Angeles we had the obligatory visit to Hollywood and then our great time in the U.S. was already over.

From Los Angeles to Las Vegas


Big lakes and Yosemite Nationalpark


The coast from San Fransisco to L.A.

400 Kilo Speck

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