Thailand´s North

After we had crossed the border, we first chilled a day in the border town of Chiang Kong, before heading south to the famous Chiang Mai. Although we had left the Laotian border with sunny weather, we had to endure our two days in Chiang Mai in the rain. Then finally the sun broke through the clouds again and we could check out the city.

Thailand Norden-15

In doing so, we also treated ourselves to something and booked a Ziplining tour. When ziplining you connect yourself to a tensioned steel cable through the treetops and “fly” from a high platform to the next. The longest line was 400 meters long and we were up to 100 meters above the ground. Breathtaking!

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Before going back to the hectic and noisy Bangkok, we wanted to enjoy some peace and therefore drove to the nearby Pai. We instantly loved the place. Great weather, great food and a beautiful bungalow for 3.50 € per day. Franka also met an old school friend and her family, who just spent a three-week holiday Thailand. A good timing.

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But then it was SHOPPING TIME. And where, if not in Bangkok. In a three-day shopping spree, we finally refreshed our now quite worn wardrobe. For three Euros for a T-shirt and ten euros for a pair of jeans you can not say no. Now our time in Southeast Asia was really over, because we had an appointment with Franka’s parents in Hong Kong. Finally we spent another night at an airport and climbed into our plane in the direction of China the next morning…

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