Thailand with India 2014/15


Thailand 2010/11

Steffens long awaited dream came true! Thailand was planned as a longer stop in Asia, where Steffen finally received his dive master certification and did more than 100 dives, enjoying his favorite medium, water, thoroughly. While Steffen hung around with fish in the East of Thailand, I traveled through the Southwest with my sister. Immediately afterwards my best friend and her family visited us, with whom we spent Christmas on Koh Phi Phi.
The following month we stayed together on Koh Tao, where I visited a Thai massage course. According to our current plans, we will return in two month time to the north to explore Bangkok and Chiang May. In conclusion, one can say that Thailand is very touristy and there are barely any idyllic places where there are no foreigners, burgers, pasta and pizza. The pollution is partly heavy and very sad. However, we had a very good time, as the country is easy to travel, the people are super friendly and the food is extremely tasty. The long stay allowed us a little deeper looks into the culture. We experienced incredible moments and won many new friends and experiences. The time in Thailand, we will therefore certainly remember for a long while.

Christmas at Ko Phi Phi

Thailand Westküste-43

Diving on Ko Tao

Thailand Tauchen-24

Northern Thailand

Thailand Norden-20

Route Thailand 2010/11

Reiseroute Indonesien 2010