Swimming with Dolphins – Dive Holidays in Honduras

On the recommendation of a friend, we visited the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras, where Franka did her diving license, we swam with dolphins and celebrated a big party on a private island. After we had thought extensively about the travel warnings from the German Embassy in Honduras, we decided to go for the adventure. But instead of the bus a flight was booked. The more surprised we were about the completely relaxed situation at the airports and on Utila, our diving island, where absolutely nothing was felt of a recent coup.



As our dive school we chose Captain Morgan, as they were stationed on a small island called Jewel Cay about one km off Utila and also away from the pesky hustle on the main island. Our hotel was beautiful and we had our own private jetty from where we where busy snorkeling. In the coming days Franka diligently studied diving, theoretically and practically, as I dived or snorkeled as often as possible. A new personal record in free diving was set at 18 meters depth! The underwater world was filled with moray eels, turtles, lion fish, sand tiger sharks and much more breathtakingly beauty, although we did not see the absolute highlight, the whale shark.


But this was compensated by the fulfillment by another, long-cherished dream. On a return trip from a dive Franka and I saw a dolphin school not far from the boat and a short time later we were in the middle of them with our snorkeling equipment. The feeling of swimming with these wonderful animals can not be put into words, but the attached video perhaps gives some impression.

As a culmination of our second stay in the Caribbean there was a fun party on a private island with the other student divers from Frankas group. We cooked delicious food and drank quite some Cuba Libre. At night the island was overrun by thousands of hermit crabs, which fortunately were only attracted to coconuts. On the last day we went on a cool catamaran sailing over to Roatan, where we took the plane back to Guatemala. From there we went on to La Paz, Bolivia.

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