Culinary Paradise Singapore

After a somewhat hasty departure from Indonesia, we landed after a short, relaxing flight in the Asian metropolis of Singapore. Famous for its extreme cleanliness, but also rigorous laws, this island nation was going to be a highlight among the cities of our world trip.


From the airport we went, thanks to the fantastic public transport, very quickly and easily to our first couchsurfing host in Singapore. Dhugal, an expatriot Australian welcomed us very much in his modern apartment (complete with swimming pool). We talked until late into the night before we fell into our bed, exhausted.


In the coming days we diligently explored the breathtakingly versatile Singapore. The first big highlight for Franka was, finally, her beloved Masala Dosai, recovered, after years of fruitless searching, in the district of Little India. In addition to the main Chinese population the Indians make up the second largest proportion of the inhabitants of Singapore. So we felt warped back again in the year 2005, especially since Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, was also just celebrated here.


But not only the Indian food was versatile. Throughout the city there were “food courts” in which you could try any variation of Asian cuisine. At an affordable 2-3 Euro per meal! Just heavenly! So we stuffed us every day with Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese and Indonesian cuisine.

We also enjoyed the various cultural attractions of the city and visited a few of the museums and galleries. After all our jungle experiences, this was quite necessary. But most of the time we spent with long walks through the city. In particular, the diverse and often unique architecture of the city took us under its spell. From old colonial buildings to modern, ship-shaped skyscrapers, everything is there. Especially at night the huge, brightly lit office towers gave an impressive picture.


Although we had by far not seen all aspects (and dishes) in Singapore, after a week it was time again to pack the backpack and we got on a train that took us through the whole of Malaysia to the city of Penang in the north. There, we explored for two days the old colonial city with its Chinese temples and Islamic mosques and Franka ate her last Dosai before we went on to the Land of Smiles.