Chairs, Fish and Party

With renewed energy and new companions, we made our way to the fifth country of our trip through Africa,the beautiful but poor Malawi. Especially famous for the eponymous lake, which occupies a large part of the country offers, Malawi also the friendliest and most relaxed people on the continent as well as exquisite wood carvings. Accordingly, the first day we went for a local souvenier market where we are particularly enthralled by the beautifully  ornated Malawi Chairs. Unfortunately, an ebony adult chair weighs up to 20 kilograms and so we only got ourselves some rather small but equally beautiful items. To compensate that, we later went to a clothes market with incredibly witty ’80s clothes, because fancy dress party was waiting for us (see below).
Malawi + Zambia-2
Malawi + Zambia-4

The next three days we spent at the shores of Lake Malawi playing volleyball, eating roasted pig and snorkeling. The latter was particularly impressive, since the lake is the source of most of our known aquarium fish and there were always lots of small, colorful fish around. A few jumps off the rocks at the water’s edge concluded this amazing adventure.

Malawi + Zambia-1
Malawi + Zambia-9

Unfortunately our quite short stay in Malawi as well as pass through of Zambia gave us little time to explore the countries. Thanks to the open truck we were at least able to feel a bit of the atmosphere of the country before crossing over the Kariba Dam into Zimbabwe.

Malawi + Zambia-16

There it went straight onto a houseboat for the next three great days filled with fishing, water safaris and the long prepared bad-taste-party. With this all of us had to dress a fellow traveler as “fancy” as possible, for example with skin-tight leggings, leopard skirt and feather boa. The results were often screamingly funny, and the party, thanks to a lot of fruit punch, a blast.

Malawi + Zambia-28
Malawi + Zambia-33

A little less recovered than hoped, we left the boat two days later and boarded our “beloved” truck, which would carry us to many more adventures in Zimbabwe. But more about this later …