Rain, Rain, Rain – Lakes and Vulcanos and the Island of Chiloe

After we had said goodbye to our dear hosts Betty and Christopher, we found ourselves on a night bus again to the lake area in the South of Chile. Our first stop was Pucon, a small town near the Villa Rica-Volcano. Unfortunately, fog and rain were waiting for us on our arrival.



Nevertheless we made our way to the nearby Huerquehue National Park, which has already been recommended to us several times. Unfortunately, on site we found that the snow line was still very low and the weather there was not much better. Thanks to a nice Rangers we could warm our feet at an oven and then pitch our tent inside a shed. The next morning we went into the cold, snow-capped mountains to a lake. In the evening we relaxed in a traditional sauna and sat in front of a nice fireplace.


Our next goal was Frutillar, a former German community in southern Chile still very German. There, the inhabitants also campaigned hard for her “cake”. Unfortunately, it poured with rain still and so we changed our travel plans and drove to Chiloe, an island with many churches and delicious dishes. Once there we looked for a nice family hostel and from there explored the area and enjoyed the local food.

On our return from Chiloe, Christoph invited us to a fantastic tour through a jungle that grows on a river. There was also a real Puma, the smallest deer in the world (Pudus) and the most delicious steak in our lives to see and eat. The hammer!

Finally, we visited a super-nice CouchSurfing couple in Puerto Varas, where we relaxed and explored, in more rain, a raging, deep blue river. Then it was high time, our flight to Patagonia was on and we were glad to finally escape this weather.