Everyday Life of two Travelers

And so quickly again two months have passed. In the recent weeks there has not really much happened. We have conducted more “social studies” and visited six more families. The first family was absolutely incredible, because we could attend a real Kiwi-family gathering of about 200 people. This was really great and as always a little chaotic. In the end we even felt like being part of the clan. Then we went into a quiet beautiful Spa Resort in Marlborough, where we practised our nearly forgotten Massage Arts.


A bit later the ferry brought us back to the North Island, where we spent the nights with several families with children. The first family was in the vicinity of the Taranaki volcano and the next two in the surfer town of Raglan.

Neuseeland-268 Neuseeland-278
There we could watch some World Cup games and celebrated the great victory over England in a cozy German round with six other compatriots. The remaining time was a big children’s program including everything from children’s disco, children washing and a lot of children squealing.

Well, after four weeks we were a bit tired and could not take it any more and crept into the dark caves at Waitomo, where you also could see some glowworms again. Afterwards we went towards Taupo, where Steffen fulfilled one of his dreams and did a 15,000 feet tandem skydive jump, including 60 seconds of free fall and MUCH adrenaline.(So he had to surpass my jump height from Australia, which was only 14.000 feet.)

Currently we are at a potter’s place, where I’m creating diligently cups, pots, etc. Now we are a little tired of NZL (here it is just cold now, it rains often, the ski dream has burst, it does not happen much and we have often a bit of trouble with the Indiginous that look sometimes a little dangerous, or even storm with a broken beer bottle on to our car. Therefore, sun is needed now in our hearts and on Tuesday the 3rd of August we are flying to the summer!! Yippie!