Time to say Goodbye

At our return to New Zealand we were welcomed by the biggest storm on the planet. While our plane landed quite undisturbed, the trip back to our van was more interesting. Fallen trees, pouring rain and the bus being nearly swept off the road by the wind. Welcome back.
The following days were then marked by the rain, but we used the time to prepare our van sale and Jackie and Brent were again super friendly hosts, and so the time passed by fast. Already on the first day of our return to Auckland, we found three nice Germans who liked our Elvis as much as we did. So everything went very fast and with the support of our amazing friends Denise and John, we were back on foot the next day. But our budget was pleased. Unfortunately, Elvis had to endure his next burglary the next day.


Together with John, we then went to our Jewish host family in Waipu. Unfortunately, the dream house was still far from finished and therefore, instead of sitting in the pool, holding a cocktail, we white-painted walls. But we did it gladly and had again a lot of fun with the kids. Our departure date drew closer quickly, however, and we had another wonderful family to visit.

Neuseeland-299 Neuseeland-304

Glen and Helen had invited us to help a bit with their house renovation and to reconcile with Whangarei, where our break-even in December happend. In exchange for our help, there was delicious food, a visit to a rugby league game including an unconscious player, shell diving and an absolutely brilliant fishing trip. We had a great time!

Neuseeland-312 Neuseeland-326
Our last days at the other end of the world we spent once again with John and Denise, who helped us extremely, eg with sending our surplus 30 kg to Germany. We also went geocaching one more time together where we sent our two geocoins The Ring and The Illuminati on a “race” back to Germany. And so a nearly perfect circle closed itself, and we finished our nine months New Zealand with one crying and one laughing eye.

Neuseeland-297Before we started our big Asia tour, we visited one of Australia’s most beautiful cities.