Diverse Namibia

We had barely absorbed all the impressions of Botswana when we already entered a new country – Namibia. Named after the Namib Desert , which covers the entire coastline of the country, Namibia offered us an incredible variety of experiences. It started with a great piece of space junk. That we could admire in the form of the three by three meter wide Hoba Iron Meteorite. And even climb it. A unique experience! Or has anyone ever stood on a meteorite before?


Equally extraordinary our jounrey continued as we drove into the Etosha National Park. In the last great wilderness on our travel list, we wanted to make the most of it. Especially another leopard was needed. But it stayed hidden from us. As a “small” compensation for this nature presented us with a live cheetah hunt. Right in front of our nose the fastest land animal showed, what it is made off. Unfourtunatelly, a careless Thomson Gazelle had to die during this presentation.


Then the unthinkable happened. On our way through the desert, we got stuck in a puddle! Without four-wheel-drive that sometimes happens faster than one thinks. We used this break to shoot funny desert photos once again and to relax. After we had tried several times in vain to get to the truck running, we were helped by a safari jeep. For this he had to pay with his rear window, as our driver rammed the Jeep after it had pulled us out of the puddle. Ingratitude is the worlds rewarding.


Since we got quite excited through our Cheetah experience, we wanted to see more of this elegant predator. Or even caress it! So it was very convenient that a farmer of the area some cheetahs in an enclosure for their protection. In addition, there were two hand-reared kitties for stroking. You can not get any closer. Incidentally, they purr just like her little cousin, only louder.


Next we stopped by the Himba tribe. This semi-nomadic people is known for its scanty clothing and the red-brown body cream with which they paint themselfs. The smell is quite strong, though, but this in turn keeps mosquitoes away. We had about an hour stop in the village. To see this other culture would have been really great, but somehow you felt just as an intruder. Unfortunately that is the disadvantage of tourist routes.


From the Himba we continued towards the coast. On the way, we visited a mystical place. The Spitzkoppe. This 700 meter high mountain of red granite is an island in the middle of the flat desert and just looks awesome. Not for nothing it is called the Matterhorn of Africa. At its feet we camped and hiked in a rocky maze, enjoying the wonderful colors. Later the wonderful rock formations were accompanied by one of the most magnificent sunsets of our lives. We were just happy. And sad, as we had to move one the next morning.

But that was not all. But enough for now. What else happened, you will find in the next post. See you soon.