Milking Goat and Sitting House

After we had left our first goat farm somewhat premature, we wanted to try it again with another one. And so this time we visited a dear French family in Dipton, deep in the South of the South Island. The mood was much more relaxed here and the cheese really delicious. The work was okay and we had a lot of fun with the goat milking. But it also showed again how much responsibility and work there is, behind the romance of one’s own small farm.


Together with our host mom, we made a short trip to Dunedin, the Edinburgh of New Zealand. Unfortunately, the city was not quite up to our expectations, although the train station looked very pretty. And then the second goat week was already over.

Neuseeland-225On our drive back to Greymouth we did stop in Wanaka, one of our targeted working-in-a-ski-resort-cities. There we finally bought a mousetrap, now that we had had a little roommate in the van for weeks who had a special interest in chocolate and Anzac biscuits. In the middle of the night the little bugger went running over our arms, which lead to a panic scream by Franka. This not only pulled me out of my dreams, but let the poor little mouse run straight into the trap.
Unfortunately the deteriorating weather allowed no more major hiking tours and so we decided to return to Greymouth earlier. After we had liked it there so much during our first week at Wwoofing, we got back for three weeks of house-sitting. And of course we did not want to miss this chance and so we accepted the 500 km trip gladly. Unfortunately, on site we were not that often alone, as we had hoped, because the family was more often at home than away, but at least a chance to earn some money with gardening opened up for us.
Neuseeland-226Our host, a gold miner, could thus show us the processes of gold panning and gold melting. He earns enough money so his wife can do some music, art and build up the garden. The 12 year old son is a big Army fan and we often saw him (more or less) jumping around the house with his camouflage clothing and camouflage paint and armed with plastic gun.

The free time was tight, so we used it as efficient as possible for geocaching, bodyboarding, fishing, archery, cycling, mushroom picking and chilling. But only after we had spent a couple of hours in fornt of the computer with sorting out pictures, writing reports and tuning our website.