In the heart of the Empire

Another stopover. After we already saw Dubai on our way back from Africa, we took advantage of our stopover in London for a short stay. And since England’s capital with its nearly two thousand years of history, can not be dealt with in a few hours, we spent five days in the heart of the former largest empire. Fortunately we also had a great couch surfer couple, that welcomed us for this rather long time.

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The most of the main attractions are conveniently located on the banks of the Thames. So we could take a walk along the slowly flowing river to have a look at the famous London Eye, the Millennium Bridge and numerous other impressive buildings on the bank of the Thames. We also saw a heavily armed patrol boat and constantly circling military helicopters: The security arrangements for the upcoming Olympics had thus begun. 

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The next day we went a little deeper into the busy central London. There we looked at a skyscraper, jokingly named as the Gherkin  and drifted through the hectic business life of the metropolis. In addition, a London kebab was eaten. Last but not least, of course, we had a short call from one of the red phone booths. In the evening we visited a true English pub, including live music, with our couch surfers.
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The next day the Thames was again the focus of our interest. A little further down the river the impressive towers of the Tower Bridge can be looked at. This is especially nice when one of the bright red London double-decker buses cross it. Unfortunately, no large ship was on the water, so we were not able to witness the unfolding of the bridge. Then we also visited the military fortress which serves and served casually as accommodation, exhibition building, warehouse, mint and not to forget, as a prison and execution site of many historic figures, including many ex-kings.

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Finally we went to the historic London away from the River Thames, with its famous palaces, cathedrals and government buildings. Of course we did not let miss the regular changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. We enjoyd especially the musicians with their funny hats. Then we walked to the British Parliament building and the Big Ben. With a heavy heart, but at least with a small impression of London, we went back on the way to Germany. But the next trip is sure to come …

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