Actually, you can not really summarize this country after three weeks stay as we only visited two of the 17,508 islands of the Indonesian archipelago. But what we saw, we mostly liked. The crater lakes on Sumatra were beautiful and very relaxing while the steaming vents of the volcano Sibaya looked very impressive. But the most unique experience were the orangutans of Bukit Lawang. After we had admired this beautiful forest people, we flew to Java, where we went on a rather strenuous volcano tour. In particular, the Ijen crater with its sulfur sources was very impressive. Unfortunately, another volcano, Mount Merapi, cut our further travel planning short by erupting violently and we left Indonesia a little earlier than expected. All in all we had a great time, we saw a lot, the food was delicious and very inexpensive. Only the extremely poor infrastructure makes travel very tiring.

Orang Utans in Sumatra

Sumatra (71 von 80)

Javas Volcanos

Java (32 von 48)

Route Sumatra and Java:

Reiseroute Indonesien 2010