India 2006

Franka's big dream was to visit India. Therefore she tried for a long time to be part of the exchange program of our university with the university in Puna/India and luckily succeeded in her efforts. Luckily for her but not me, as this would have been a long break for our relationship. Feeling lonely I decided to follow her and I flew to India 3 months later. Before I arrived, though, Franka went for 4 weeks with other students on a pilgrimage to the Himalayan Mountains and Dharamsala. Together we explored the South as well as Rajasthan, Delhi and the Taj Mahal. After our five month traveling this amazing country together we were exhausted but also filled with unforgettable memories. Some of those we want to share with you in this blog. Happy reading...

From Pune via Goa to Gokarna


Temples, Markets and Palaces

Palast in Mysore bei Nacht

Hiking around Madikeri

Trotz Arbeit Zeit zum Lächeln!

Some little Tibet in India

Auf dem Weg zum Beten

Lobster, Carnival and Pina Colada

Neujahrsfest in Kochi

On the houseboat through Kerala

Kodaikanal, Ooty and Chennai

Ich, Tarzan, du Jane!

An amazing Indian Wedding

Das Trautpaar

The beautiful Rajastan

Das Weltwunder Taj Mahal

Route India:

Route Indien
Route Indien