Hong Kong and Macau

When we arrived at Hong Kong´s airport, entirely built on reclaimed land, we went straight into the city, where we reunited joyfully with Franka’s parents after more than one and a half years. After we all had hugged each other extensively, Franka and me marveled at the approximately two kilograms of chocolate, the parents had brought us from Germany. Ten coconut flakes later we started looking for a room only to find that Hong Kong is a really expensive place. But eventually we found a room and began our exploration of the city.

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On our second evening we watched the spectacular nightly light show in front of the skyline of Hong Kong. In addition, we hiked around the “summit” of the former British colony and watched from the top the myriad of apartments and office towers of the metropolis. In the most densely populated district of Hong Kong an equivalent of 5.4 people per square meter live. Cosy.

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The obligatory visit to Macau brought us another stamp in our passports. This former Portuguese colony is now the Las Vegas of Asia thanks to some special laws and casinos can be found on every street corner. But also the very well-preserved city has its charms, and so we explored the ancient fortresses and churches, before we plunged into the turmoil of the Lisboa. But without success. Nevertheless, there was still money left for a delicious dinner.

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After we had seen off Franka´s parents to Australia, we spent a few more days in Hong Kong, because we had to wait for the approval of our visas for China. But thanks to a another super nice couch surfer, we had a great place to stay and David extensively explored the mountainous backlands of Hong Kong with us.

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In addition, we learned about Ikebana, Japanese floral art. Then we held our visas in the hands and went on to new adventures in the Middle Kingdom.

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