We are happy to have you here and that you want to share our amazing adventures with us! Come along on a journey crossing six continents, sneak with us through dense jungle, ride roaring rivers and climb soaring mountains. Together we visit metropolises of this world, we meet unforgettable people and discover exotic animals. Take a seat with us in the street kitchens around the globe and enjoy fantastic food. Alongside you will learn, how to travel with little money, if it is hard to travel with a child and why backpacking is no holiday. But let's get going. Enjoy the read! The Weltengugger.


We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us!



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JapanCampers Fuji Roadtrip Campervan Japan

Roadtrip through Japan

Japan has always been on the top of our travel list. Already in 2011 it was a planned destination during our world […]

Tasmania – From the Wineglass Bay into Devil’s Kitchen

After we just escaped death through natural oysters, the Weltengugger continued along the scenic east coast of Tasmania. On our way south, […]

Tasmania – From Launceston to the Bay of Fires

Anyone who has ever flown to Australia or New Zealand, certainly knows that the quarantine regulations here are very strict. No wonder, […]