Family Hopping

On our journey along the autumnal New Zealand east coast in the direction we lived together with five different families in five weeks. We can say that one can learn a lot about child care and living habbits with when living with so many different people. The first family was like a stroke of luck. We stayed with a rafting family in Geraldine! And for a little extra work we earned a white-water rafting trip in the Rangitata Gorge 😉 Rangitata Rafts is also one of the best rafting companies in general, as you master levels of 4 and 5, which meant a lot of fun and wet skin.

Then we went on a beautiful peninsula, near Christchurch. Here we lived in a five-star resort of the super lovely Susan which spoiled us daily with much too much good food. Her husband Richard also took us for net fishing on his little boat. For all that, we built a wall for these two and took them for geocaching.

The next stop was on a farm with cattle, deer and sheep. We lived in a beautiful farmhouse, but here the house’s vibe was bad again. The conversation between the farmer and his wife consisted of many English swear words including some screaming, shouting and shrieking. The wild food on the table (wild duck and venison) compensated that a bit as well as our experiences in feeding the animals and watching the sheep shearing.

Neuseeland-246We left the house a few days earlier than planned (for the mentioned reasons), and immediately landed a lucky shot. We spent five days on a huge and beautiful land on the cliffs. The morning coffee on the veranda overlooking the sea was like a dream. Moreover, was the owner of interest (a former yogi who lived five years in Rome and now runs an art gallery) and together with his dear girlfriend they were a good replacement for our fighting farmers.

Neuseeland-248After that we went on to work for award-winning butchers. These went on leave and we took care of 5 dogs, 5 hens (layed an egg every day, depending), 2 horses and a cat. We behaved like real farmers, walking in rubber boots with the dogs over the farm or speed around with the quad.

As the weather was getting colder and really rainy, we spent much time with puzzling, cracking walnuts and making chutney. We had lots of meat and sausages in the refrigerator, which had to be abolished 😉 We also planned our further travels, as all the applications for jobs (mostly in ski resorts) were unsuccessful. Therefore we might leave New Zealand sooner than planned. So stay excited!