Christmas under pine needles

No matter where we are in the world, for Christmas, we need a decorated Christmas tree! But since our van “Kifaru” would unfortunately only accommodate a dwarf fir, which are difficult to get in Australia, we needed a bigger place for the holidays. Good that we were invited by our favourite German family in Australia to spend the Christmas days together. In addition, our friends were looking for a house and pet sitter for the post-Christmas period, so we were able to spend the New Year’s Eve in a beautiful house as well.

But before we went to the tranquil Federal, we explored the hinterland of the Australian Gold Coast. Particularly nice was a rainy day, which we spent on the beautiful remains of a former farm. And since rainy days are rather rare in Australia’s climate, we and especially India enjoyed this cool-wet day in rubber boots. In addition, we once again experienced the Australian outdoor spirit up close: in spite of bad weather, a 50-member wedding party rolled out of the fog for a spontaneous wedding ceremony and all were, despite the rain, really relaxed, including the wedding couple.

Via the famous infamous marijuana village of Nimbin, we returned to the coast, where we were given the opportunity to see dolphins in the wild in the coastal town of Ballina. In addition, India was able to stroke her first dragon (Australian Water Dragon) and also there was time for a short leap into the Pacific Ocean. Then, however, it was time to look for a Christmas tree together with our host family.

So we went, armed with the pickaxe and shovel, on the tree hunt and we were lucky: Right at the roadside we found a decent pine, which turned, beautifully decorated, into a considerable Christmas tree. A few days later,  many gifts were placed underneath it by our friends and by us (only self-made items were allowed), including many delicious cookies. And for Boxing Day, the landlord and Steffen conjured up a proper German Christmas dinner, including red cabbage and bacon dumplings. It almost felt like home.

After all the feasting, it was good to get rid of some calories while walking, lawn mowing and surfing. The latter was also the main occupation for Steffen on his birthday, and despite his now high age, he was not so bad at it. India also took pleasure in the Australian national sport and already practised diligently on land. On New Year’s Eve, the three of us had a relaxed evening with fire and sparklers in front of “our” house. And then it was already midnight and another eventful year lay behind us. But still more beautiful than to recollect the past was the assurance that another exciting year was waiting for us. But more about that in the next blog …

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