After many reports of hostile Chinese, inflated prices and noisy and hectic cities we had started our trip to China with mixed feelings. But the Middle Kingdom took us, like many others before, under its spell. The people turned out to be very friendly even though we barely understood each other, prices were very reasonable and we found many places with an almost magical aura. First, it took us to Yangshuo, where we helped out in an English school and enjoyed the amazing karst rock scenery. After a trip to the spectacular rice terraces of Longji we continued towards the Himalayas. The still very vibrant and lively Tibetan culture enchanted us from the first moment and the fantastic scenery did the rest. After a five-days hike between snow-capped mountains, the journey continued in the East, where we visited another natural wonder, the "Yellow Mountain". After Shanghai and Beijing our trip had its grand finale with a three-days hike on the Great Wall. China with its incredible diversity and intensity was a worthy end of our trip around the world and we are looking forward to return one day. Until then, and "tsetse" China.


Rice Terraces and Tiger Leaping Gorge

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Pilgrimage in the Himalaya

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Mountains, Cities and the Great Wall

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