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Roadtrip through Japan

Japan has always been on the top of our travel list. Already in 2011 it was a planned destination during our world […]

Do you actually take showers?

Nearly for a whole year we are travelling through Australia. Not long now and we will have covered 20,000 kilometres with our […]

Please meet Kifaru

Home, sweet home. This well-known saying also applies to “Kifaru”. Because our van brings us not only from A to B, it […]

Good hope country

What a change! We had just left the sandy desert of the Namibian skeleton coast, and find us now in flowering gardens […]

More Fun in Namibia

Although our diary and the memory card were already full, more of Namibia’s attractions kept coming. We just had reluctantly left the […]

Diverse Namibia

We had barely absorbed all the impressions of Botswana when we already entered a new country – Namibia. Named after the Namib […]

The Green Venice of Africa

The heady days of the Victoria Falls were still fresh in our minds, when we already anticipated the next highlight of the […]

In the footsteps of Livingston

Although we already had an unforgettable experience in Zimbabwe with our houseboat-party-tour, there was more to expect. We were going to have […]

Chairs, Fish and Party

With renewed energy and new companions, we made our way to the fifth country of our trip through Africa,the beautiful but poor […]