Caribbean Feelings

The third section of our Colombia trip finally led us to the beloved sea. More specifically, to the Caribbean coast at Bassilas. There we had rented a beach house of a friend of Alberto’s family for a few days, including another wonderful cook. Even more fantastic, though, was the beach on your doorstep and about five minutes after arrival we already jumped into the pleasantly warm water finishing this day with an amazing Caribbean sunset together with great friends.


The next day we took a rented fishing boat to snorkel along the beautiful reefs and then headed to a hotel island to roll in the snow-white sand. On the former privat retreat of a drug lord we also discovered a dive shop, in which we made an appointment for the following day. While I explored the diverse Colombian underwater with Alberto, Franka practiced some yoga and after our return there was super delicious fish waiting for all of us. In the evening a couple of kids came over from the village for a little surprise dance routine. After another day at the beach with another fantastic sunset our tight schedule urged us on as there was a famous port city waiting for us.


Cartagena – The very name already emits the flair of former ages when pirates were roaming the seas and coastal towns where under a constant thread of being plundered. Therefore it is no wonder that the first thing one notices when coming inti the city is the huge fortress and the still largely preserved city walls of Cartagena. Our apartment was fortunately located in the old town, so our journey into past the centuries could begin immediately. Thanks to the narrow streets, often with beautiful wooden balconies alongside, we could always find enough shade to escape the murderous heat at least partially.

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A visit to the fortress of Cartagena offered no shade, though. Accordingly sweaty and short was the walk along the old fortifications. Much more relaxed on the other hand was a visit to the local theater, where a youth orchestras played German classics like Beethoven, Bach and Brahms. In the evening we strolled through the romantic old town and discovered the statue of India Catalina, the Pocahontas of South America, which was the Spanish version of the name we had decided to give our unborn daughter. What a coincidence! Then it was time to say goodbye to Alberto, Paulina and Maximiliano, because they flew back to Medellin, while we had still a few days left to explore the north coast of Colombia.

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Because there the famous Tayrona National Park waited for us to be visited. But before we went on the three-day coastal walk, we wandered through the mountainous hinterland. There were waterfalls to discover, as well as hummingbirds and other exotic animals. After that short cool down in the mountains we returned to the heat of Tayrona where the average temperatures amounted to 35 degrees. Accordingly tough was every walking kilometers, but the combination of jungle and wild coast were worth any exertion.

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The turning point of the hike was a beautiful bay where we camped the first night. During our visit we saw several species of monkeys, thousands of crabs, millions of leafcutter ants and a colorful frog, which we prefered not to touch. Having escaped the jungle, we went with the plane back to Medellin, where we spent another two days with delicious food and great people, before going back to work and having children to Germany.

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