My journey began unfortunately without Steffen, because he still had to recover from his disc surgery. Therefore I went alone to Montreal, where I visited my dear friend Marlen, who works as a language assistant at the university. The first three weeks Marlen still had to work and I so I spent much time in her flat, to plan our travel. Unfortunately, the the rainy and cold weather suppressed any exploratory mood. The following photos show, however, the sunny hours in Montreal 😉


When Marlen’s holiday-time started, we went to Calgery to visit her friend Michael. He was such a great guy, showed us around and introduced us to his friends. I really enjoyed the time with him and his friends, but after all, Calgary is just a city, and I was hungry for some Canadian country experience. Therefore we went after a view days to Pincher Creek, where we awaited our first Wwwoofing host, Neil. Neil is originally from Pincher Creek and introduced us to his family. Together with his mother, we had our first experiences with cows, which wasn’t very easy for us city-girls 😉Pincher Creek-2

Then we went with Neil to his farm in to Mayerthorpe, Alberta. On his vast property he has both, cows and buffaloes. Furthermore, we could get fresh eggs every morning from the stable, and cuddled with the four horses, the two dogs or the cat. It was a really wonderful time.

Mayerthorpe-2 Mayerthorpe-4 Mayerthorpe-9

Furthermore Neil took us on a trip to Jasper and Banff National Park. After this we headed to Salmon Arm, where Neil’s parents have a beautiful holiday home on the lake. On our drive to Salmon Arm we also spent an evening in natural hot springs on a river surrounded by trees. This was for me one of the absolute highlights.

Jasper und Banff-2

In Salmon Arm, we had to say goodbye to Neil, as he had to return to his farm. Marlen and I relaxed for a few days on the lake before we hitchhiked to Vancouver. From there we took the  ferry to Vancouver Island. We spent two days in Nanaimo and went to a small island, Quadra Island, where we wanted to wwoof again. And another time we were absolutely lucky. Bill and Barbara were too good to be true. We walked together on the beach to eat oysters, we looked at art exhibitions, celebrated and danced in the pub and did some walks. For one day we also went to the Oyster farm of Barbara’ sister.

Vancouver Island-3

Vancouver Island-19 Vancouver Island-11

For my birthday she and Barbara’s sister prepared the best meal of my life. Oysters in sauce Hollondaise,  fresh baked crabs, salmon and mussels. My seafood-loving stomach could hardly believe it.Vancouver Island-23

Then it was time to say goodbye to Marlen and Canada. I flew to Los Angeles, where I could finally hug Steffen again. My flight started from Vancouver, so I was able catch a glimpse of the city.

Travel route:

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