Between caimans, piranhas and anacondas

From the icy heights of the Andes, this tour would lead us into the green jungle-heart of Bolivia. But to get there, it took a grueling 24-hour bus ride on South America’s “Road of Death”. The gravel road was only a bit wider than the bus, so we hung half a wheel width over the deep abyss with every passing vehicle. Although we had no longer believed in it, we finally reached Rurrenabaque, the starting point of our jungle adventure. From there we took the jeep for three hours through the barren pampas, until we arrived at a small, brown river. Our guide, nicknamed Rambo, led us from there in a canoe into the “heart of darkness”. We marveled at countless caimans, capybaras, birds, turtles and monkeys living along the river banks. We could not stop pushing the trigger of our camera.



Some Amazonian Dolphins swam around our boat, but in the brown water these were barely visible. Eventually, the last animal was photographed and we reached our spartan hut on the riverbank. With merry card games, we concluded this fantastic day together with our funny group members.


The first part of the next day was dedicated to a hunt for anacondas. For this we trudged, not equipped with rubber boots, through the muddy Pampa, while Rambo disappeared left and right in the bush to track down a snake. Over two hours later, the motivation slowly decreased, when eventually Rambo emerged from the undergrowth with a 1.50 m long constrictor. Everyone was allowed to touch and photograph it before we released the snake back into the wild.


In the afternoon the another adventure waited for us: swimming with the pink Amazon dolphins. These, as already mentioned, were unfortunately nearly invisible in the brown water. Only now and then you could feel them swimming by, while they were playing with a plastic bottle. The feeling to share the water with adult caimans and piranhas, however, was already exciting enough.


The highlight of the last day was the piranha fishing, where our fishing luck was limited to some babies biters.
Then it was again time to say goodbye and after another 24-hour trip, including a short-term evacuation of the bus after we were being forced off the road, we reached the safe La Paz.

Bolivien-69 We crowned our departure from Bolivia with a further, amazing tour – crossing the salt desert Salar Uyuni in direction of Chile.