An Indian Wedding

The family of an Indian exchange student in Pune had become an important reference point for all the students from Dresden and thanks to the extreme hospitality of the Indians we were even invited at the wedding of their daughter Kasturi. Is this included some formal traditional ceremonies, all the guests were asked to dress accordingly. For Franka this meant sari or salwar kameez and a kurta for me.

Franka im Sari und Steffen in einer Kurta

Frankas beautiful Saries we had already bought during our trip to the south and my outfit we got hold of in a last-minute action in Pune. In the end we looked really oriental and were ready for the three-day party. After a wedding dinner at the in-laws the next day was the most important one. The the grand weeding ceremony started off with a chapel, people on camels and the groom entering on a white horse. The ceremony itself was also very impressive, with many symbolic gestures and showed the deep religiosity of the people of India. But after all the sincerity the fun was also very important and so there was much dancing and laughing. It was a memorable night and a real Indian experience.

Das Trautpaar

Let's party!

Here you will find all photos of the wedding: Indian Wedding

But as we were not finished with India and so already the next day we were right back in a night bus towards Rajasthan …