Tasmania – From the Wineglass Bay into Devil’s Kitchen

After we just escaped death through natural oysters, the Weltengugger continued along the scenic east coast of Tasmania. On our way south, we mostly used the Tasman Highway, which is mainly well developed, but compared to European standards it still resembles a country road. Nevertheless, with the fantastic impressions left and right of the road […]

Tasmania – From Launceston to the Bay of Fires

Anyone who has ever flown to Australia or New Zealand, certainly knows that the quarantine regulations here are very strict. No wonder, because imported plants and animal species cause devastating damage to the native flora and fauna. But even in between the individual Australian states, there are such quarantine borders. For example, no fresh food […]

Cliffhangers – Along the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road – already the name is promising. And anyone who has ever seen images of the Twelve Apostles (actually only eight, but no matter) in the light of a sunset will not be able to resist the pull of these grandiose natural scenes. So on our journey from Adelaide to Melbourne, we […]

Into the mountains – From Adelaide to the Great Ocean Road

Finally out of the city! After two weeks in Adelaide, we could not wait to see Australia’s endless horizon again. For as beautiful and relaxed South Australia’s capital is, we prefer the rural flair and natural experiences. On our way to the famous Great Ocean Road we decided for a small detour, which led us […]

Through the Outback – From Dubbo to Adelaide

Sometimes air conditioning is the best invention on earth. Especially if you do not have one and drive in your campervan through the Australian outback during a 40+ degree heat wave. But this also is part of the down-under experience, so we cranked down our windows and tried to catch some cool draft on our […]

Christmas under pine needles

No matter where we are in the world, for Christmas, we need a decorated Christmas tree! But since our van “Kifaru” would unfortunately only accommodate a dwarf fir, which are difficult to get in Australia, we needed a bigger place for the holidays. Good that we were invited by our favourite German family in Australia […]

Do you actually take showers?

Nearly for a whole year we are travelling through Australia. Not long now and we will have covered 20,000 kilometres with our van. An immense distance, which, however, only revealed a fraction of Australia’s beauty. Nevertheless, the adventures are versatile and often unforgettable. But what impressed us over and over again, is how easy Australia […]

Hiking underneath Waterfalls – The Lamington and Springbrook National Parks

Worlds like out of a National Geographic Magazine – this is how one could probably describe the Lamington and Springbrook National Park best. Replete with animals in a unique natural landscape you can walk here along, above and under water falls. A paradise for nature lovers as the Weltengugger. The only drawback: The Driving. For […]

On the Road – From Townsville to Brisbane

Always keep to the left! This mantra must be repeated constantly by each European motorists during  the first hours of driving on Australian roads. For it is easy to turn in the wrong side of the road at an intersection or coming out of a driveway. Fortunately, Steffen had the chance to practice diligently with […]

A perfect start

Night flights are the horror! Especially with a child. Accordingly, we expected the worst when we walked completely bleary-eyed at 2:30 am to our gate in the airport of Denpasar (Bali). But the following five-hour flight to Cairns, Australia, should turn out to be bearable for us and the other occupants of the aircraft. Thanks […]