White desert and colorful lakes

As a conclusion of our stay in grandiose Bolivia we had saved up a highlight: the Salar Uyuni salt desert. Immediately after our 24-hour bus tour from the Amazon basin, we got into the next night bus to Uyuni. We arrived there, quite tired, in the morning, and went straight into a travel agency to […]

Between caimans, piranhas and anacondas

From the icy heights of the Andes, this tour would lead us into the green jungle-heart of Bolivia. But to get there, it took a grueling 24-hour bus ride on South America’s “Road of Death”. The gravel road was only a bit wider than the bus, so we hung half a wheel width over the […]

Into thin air – Climbing Huayna Potosi

Back in our hostel in La Paz, we went straight on to the next adventure. Already in Germany I had dreamed of the possibility of climbing a 6000+ meter mountain in the Andes. The conditions for such an adventure are best in this area. Our choice was the Huayna Potosi, situated close to La Paz […]

La Paz and Lake Titicaca

After our return from the tropical island we went off straight into the mountains, flying to the 4,000 m high Andean city of La Paz, seat of the Bolivian government. Since we arrived at one o’clock in the morning, we opted again for a night in the airport building. The altitude showed itself immediately in […]