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Roadtrip through Japan

Japan has always been on the top of our travel list. Already in 2011 it was a planned destination during our world trip, but when the Tsunami and Fukushima happened, we had to postpone our trip to Nippon. But we finally made it!  For more than eight weeks we have been exploring the Land of […]

Through the Outback – From Dubbo to Adelaide

Sometimes air conditioning is the best invention on earth. Especially if you do not have one and drive in your campervan through the Australian outback during a 40+ degree heat wave. But this also is part of the down-under experience, so we cranked down our windows and tried to catch some cool draft on our […]

Do you actually take showers?

Nearly for a whole year we are travelling through Australia. Not long now and we will have covered 20,000 kilometres with our van. An immense distance, which, however, only revealed a fraction of Australia’s beauty. Nevertheless, the adventures are versatile and often unforgettable. But what impressed us over and over again, is how easy Australia […]

Please meet Kifaru

Home, sweet home. This well-known saying also applies to “Kifaru”. Because our van brings us not only from A to B, it is also our bed-, living-, dining- and playroom. In short, our home and he not only carries us nearly every day to new undiscovered places, but also lets us stay there at the […]

Good hope country

What a change! We had just left the sandy desert of the Namibian skeleton coast, and find us now in flowering gardens surrounded by beautiful hills in the clouds. At the beginning of our stay in South Africa we visited Stellenbosch, which locates 120 wineries. So we had to visit some of them! From our […]

More Fun in Namibia

Although our diary and the memory card were already full, more of Namibia’s attractions kept coming. We just had reluctantly left the unforgettable Spitzkoppe behind us, when the next, very smelly, highlight waited for us. The seal colony at Cape Cross. Our guide Elton had warned us that the immense stench stench of several thousand […]

Diverse Namibia

We had barely absorbed all the impressions of Botswana when we already entered a new country – Namibia. Named after the Namib Desert , which covers the entire coastline of the country, Namibia offered us an incredible variety of experiences. It started with a great piece of space junk. That we could admire in the […]

The Green Venice of Africa

The heady days of the Victoria Falls were still fresh in our minds, when we already anticipated the next highlight of the tour, the beautiful Botswana. As one of the safest and most stable countries in Africa, Botswana is also due to its highly impressive national parks in the tourist’s favor. And we were going […]

In the footsteps of Livingston

Although we already had an unforgettable experience in Zimbabwe with our houseboat-party-tour, there was more to expect. We were going to have a canoe safari, track rhinos on foot and admire the famous Victoria Falls. But one by one… After several exhausting days of driving we were looking forward for a three day break in […]

Chairs, Fish and Party

With renewed energy and new companions, we made our way to the fifth country of our trip through Africa,the beautiful but poor Malawi. Especially famous for the eponymous lake, which occupies a large part of the country offers, Malawi also the friendliest and most relaxed people on the continent as well as exquisite wood carvings. […]